If I feel uncomfortable with the order or it exceeds my current capabilities I have the right to refuse the order.

I will start the drawing from the deposit of half of the agreed money and will deliver it after confirming the deposit of the rest.

Two batches of changes will be made, in the first stage (sketch), you can request bigchanges or redo the artwork, in the second stage minor adjustments are allowed, it will take between 4 days to 10 working days depending on the complexity of the order.

As the artist, I have all rights reserved on the illustration made, you will not be able to erase my signature, modify, change the drawing without my permission or say that the drawing was made by you.

The commissions are for personal use, for commercial use the commission will multiply your price. I did not send original file, nor will be negotiable a sale price, very detailed backgrounds will extend the price.

The payment will be in dollars and through PayPal, will only be reimbursed if in 10 days after the first payment you have not received an advance from me.

By requesting the commission you are accepting these terms and conditions.


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